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“Art isn't a mirror, but a window or lens for criticism, provoking sociocultural change within external and internal development.”


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Internal Baggage Project

The chorus of readdressing the continued ongoing struggle for civil rights, initiates an iconic significance when viewed in relation to current events in American history.

We are often told that we are living in a world of multiple identities. The old illusory unified identities of class, gender, race, sexuality are breaking up; someone may be black and gay and middle class and female; we may be bi-, poly- or nonsexual, of mixed race, indeterminate gender, and who knows what class. Yet we have not reached a situation in which people and white cultural agendas are no longer in the rising. Immigrants and non-white cultures are still forced to assimilate. The media, politics, education are still in the hands of the white majority continuously speaking for whites while claiming and sometimes sincerely aiming to speak for humanity.

In hopes to engage communities to examine their images of and beliefs about people of color, to lead to a deeper understanding of the historical cultural divide, by observing victimizing practices that assaults humanity. The Internal Baggage Project examines ongoing discriminating practices that occur in society.

It is the objective of this visual dialogue to encourage sociocultural change through visual documentation and interpretation. Observing the feelings and emotions we have internally have derived from our experiences. This internal data is just as important as the external data and must be considered in our reflective decision making. Meaning is something that is created out of the mundane encounters in the midst of life and the processing of these interpretive encounters.

As we process the present, we must also process our standpoint on the future.  If we don’t decide future implications for action our reflection is stuck on viewing internal responses, which never connect back to the world. (decisional) 
The purpose is to decide whether or not we will remain stuck on internal responses, (The Internal Baggage we carry) or if we will move to the decisional pivotal points and connect back to the world and release the baggage, that doesn’t belong to us in the first place.

Non-possessive warmth is a new term that basically means, supporting people around their own baggage and help them determine whether or not they will hold on to the baggage or leave it at the door for the garbage man to pick up.  You support people by not carrying their baggage, or taking it on as your own. It is a decisional choice.


Slurs, Slangs and Derogatory Words
Cleveland, Ohio North America  2005-2006

Forced Alterego 
Cleveland, Ohio North America  2007

Plight of the Black Woman Video
World Wide Web International  2008

Truth and Fear 
Youngstown, Ohio North America  02/2010

Deconstructive Views
Chicago, Illinois North America   07/2010

Illuminated Surrogates of Self 
Cleveland, Ohio North America  09/2010

Blak Phantasy Kulture
Chicago, Illinois North America  2014

Black Numinous Delights
Cleveland, Ohio North America  01/2015

Future Afro Individualism
Chicago, Illinois North America  09/2015

Nothing but Racial Slurs
Chicago, Illinois North America  2016

These public exhibitions consists of experimental photograph, paintings, historical items assembled and expressionistic sculpture examining assimilation, reimaging non-binary identities of possible futures through sociocultural lenses, exploring class issues, spirituality, philosophy and history.

This body of work powerfully calls attention to the insidious ways in which history manipulated racial perceptions to pursued general social agendas that reinforces stereotypes. Conceptually these visual constructs designed to transform perceptions, exploring the structure of a concept, but then an opinion observed, resulting into a visual Interpretation that has already dismantled itself.

My fascination of the human condition and sociocultural influences has led me to question political and cultural concepts. My theater is the study of true beauty of individualism from racial identity, assimilation and unjustified circumstances. My responsibility as an artist is to never cease fighting with society, to illuminate the darkness and to shed the lies.