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“Art isn't a mirror, but a window or lens for criticism, provoking sociocultural change within external and internal development.”


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My fascination of the human condition and sociocultural influences has led me to question political and cultural concepts. Public exhibition presents an orchestration of confrontation.
It can develop into an incorrigible disturber of peace. The theme is the study of true beauty of individualism from racial identity, assimilation and unjustified circumstances.

Exhibitions (2002—2019)

(Cleopatra)from the Ideal Beauty exhibition 2017 finished size: 24x36 inches

Exploring the properties of the effect of a fear-based social institution that appeal to the viewers’ senses, as opposed to the individuals struggle from themselves.
The chorus of readdressing the continued ongoing struggle for civil rights, initiates an iconic significance when viewed in relation to current events in American history. As an artist I will never cease fighting with society.

List of Exhibitions 

51) THE NEW NOW 2023

50) CAN Triennial 22

49) 2021 University of Pittsburgh Art of Diversity Showcase

48) Waterloo Arts Virtual Juried Exhibition

47) seenUNseen


45) Not Just Another Pretty Face VI
Tribute to William Savage

44) Nothing but Racial Slurs

43) Future Afro Individualism

42) Black Numinous Delights

41) Our Lives Matter

40) Blak Phantasy Kulture

39) Broderick Gallery
Private Collection show

38) Peace and Unity

37) Not Just Another Pretty Face V

36) The Armory Show 2013

35) The 20th. People's Art Show

34) Multi Face It

33) Not Just Another Pretty Face Part IV

32) Five Decades of the Fantastic Society
for Art in the Imagination

31) Illuminated Surrogates of Self
(Ingenuity Fest 2010) 

30) Deconstructive Views

29) Artmart 2010

28) Truth and Fear

27) Black Is..Black Ain't

26) A Vehicle for a Satire

25) Old Skhool Unpopular Art and Other
Influential Synthetic Folklore

24) Welcome to the Watermelon Patch 
Asterisk @ Ingenuity 
Ingenuity Fest 2009

23) PechaKucha 
Cleveland Volume 3

22) Artmart 2009

21) Image & Object

20) Satisfied by the Sound Byte

19) NeoHyper - Revolutionize

18) No Copper

17) Counting Days

16) Blakxtraplotationism

15) Artmart 2008

14) Manifestations

13) Celebration of Diversity 08

12) Post-Social Abstract/Expressionism

11) To Masumi

10) Just Art

09) Voices of Oppression

08) Artmart 2007

07) Internal Baggage Project
Forced Alterego

06) Celebrate Black History

05) Humanitarianism

04) Internal Baggage Project
Slang Slurs and Derogatory Words

03) Colored Faces

02) Boot Gallery Show

01) It’s all about the Art show