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“Art isn't a mirror, but a window or lens for criticism, provoking sociocultural change within external and internal development.”


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Richmond Heights, Ohio 44143


Slang, Slurs and Derogatory words Internal Baggage Project (Part One) July 1 thru 15 2005
Cleveland State University
Opening night July 1st. 5 to 8

The creative theme is based on skin color, used to categorize and demoralize a culture. This ideology, historically has shaped beliefs and individuals default stigmas. The harmful effects of labels, and negative identities have caused generational hatred within ethnic groups and between many cultures. Every ethnicity is affected by this disseminated practice.

We all are distorted in our beliefs and stereotypes about ourselves and other ethnicities that are different from us. As human beings we tend to wear our insecurities on our sleeves and become aggressively defensive when it is challenged. Usually the first weapon used is our mouth, some sort of exacerbate vocabulary, to formulate a label that would either harm you or cut you short.

This has been a destructive practice internally and externally within ethnic groups for centuries. Some of these slurs are habitually monumental and have achieved global identification.

The exhibitions focus is on slang, insulting and offensive words placed on African Americans. The images and words together depict a distorted, disturbing, yet beautiful abstract view of how this conception is interpreted and embraced.

To visually capture the emotion behind my idea I took facial snap shots of over two hundred family members, friends and strangers.

I then distorted them by splitting up the face and putting it back together threw the technology used in the Adobe Photoshop program. I utilized several filters and color adjustments to produce a disturbing almost non-human juxtaposed representation of an identitification.

The images represent a peculiar subconscious mood. Each image is labeled with a derogatory slur, identifying its origin, historical and current uses.